Monday, 9 September 2013

Digitalism Mix for Boiler Room x MELT! Festival

I just realized this will be the 3rd post in a row involving mixes coming from German artists... promise we're not biased but to be fair, this shouldn't really be a surprise as we all know the country's blasting electronic music culture. And, effectively, a vast part of the quality electronic music produced worldwide is being crafted by German producers. 

Anyway, Digitalism are fresh off their latest release - Lift EP - on the famous Kitsune Records. This can somehow have an underlying meaning of the prodigal son returning home as Kitsune was the label that helped introducing them to international dance floors almost a decade ago. 
So...the duo delivered this stunning set for Boiler Room (Berlin) a few weeks ago, and to put things simply this mix is definitely one not to be missed!

Ntology - In The Mix 06.09.2013

Here's a fine techno mix by the up-and-coming Belgian producer Ntology that will certainly get your Monday going. He's also squeezed a new track in there so keep your ears open while you enjoy the mix! 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Boris Dlugosch Mix for Boiler Room (Berlin)

Here's the latest Boiler Room mix from electronic music legend Boris Dlugosch, easily one of the best sets  we've heard at BR recently: very housey, very uplifting, Summery. Beach party, anyone?! 
Keep your eyes open for the upcoming DSOTW Classics series - we'll be uploading a DJ set from Dlugosch back in 1992!