Monday, 7 February 2011

F.O.O.L. OMGITM #46 31.12.2010

The swedish duo have already started to establish themselves as a powerful and landmark name in the electro scene after producing hits such as 'We're Not French' (featuring, among others, mixes from Haezer and the Trashing Teenagers) and 'Reborn' (featuring mixes from Tom Deluxx and Redial). They usually deliver hard-style electro dj sets, and this one is not an exception! Turn your volume up and enjoy!!
Oh, and by the way, in case you're wondering... F.O.O.L. stands for Fuck Our Ordinary Lives.

01. Owl Vision - The Black Death (F.O.O.L. Mix)
02. Fresh Foolish - Awake (F.O.O.L Mix)
03. Distrakt - Fuck You (The Oddword Mix)
04. Trashing Teenagers - Wrath of God (F.O.O.L. Mix)
05. Dj Antention - Rapid Fire (F.O.O.L. Mix)
06. Autodidakt & Electro Ferris - Chainsaw (Drivepilot Mix)
07. Blastaguyz - Rage
08. F.O.O.L. - Dark Cyan Night (Redial Mix)
09. Neus - Blast (F.O.O.L Mix)
10. Asser - Unstroppable
11. Feed Me - Green Bottle
12. Breakfastklub - Holy Shit (X-ettl Mix)
13. Electrophants - Sledgehammer (The Oddword Mix)
14. F.O.O.L - We're Not French (Haezer Mix)
15. Tom Deluxx - Careful
16. Trashing Teenagers - Whiplash
17. Gtronic - My Money
18. Dj Antention - Jump
19. Haezer ft Circe - Here Come The Punks (The Mastertrons Mix)
20. Hey Today! - Strange (Polymorphic Mix)
21. F.O.O.L. - Reborn (Tom Deluxx Mix)

__ Enjoy!!!

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