Sunday, 17 April 2011

Computer Club March/April 2011 Detention Mix

Making a first appearance on DJ Set of the Week, I give you Computer Club. Like the final round of a videogame tournament, Computer Club’s music is often loud, aggressive and spattered with grimy funk. A tendency toward the heavy, distortion-tinged sound of electro is well balanced with his penchant for funk-laden interludes amongst the banger blitz. 
The Computer Club sound first emerged from the studio of Gigantor in 2007 when his single “Load Rocket” started gaining artist acclaim and making noise in the blog circuit. The song, one of the first completed by Gigantor under the geeky guise, carried Computer Club’s name into both traditional record label outlets and the burgeoning music blogosphere alike – a trend rarely seen in the heavily populated landscape of today’s dance music. Original songs like “Flat Response” and “Laptop Levitation” showcase Computer Club’s highly honed sound design and audio engineering skills, while his remixes of Nine Inch Nails, Prince and New Order illustrate his ability to adapt the best of the big names to the dancefloor.

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