Thursday, 7 April 2011

Zombie Nation La Boum De Luxe 02.04.2011

“Working for the perfect moment” is how Splank! (aka Florian Senfter) still describes his work with Zombie Nation. Get the best out of every single live moment and prove it again and again in every new situation. A risk-loving attitude and well-approved hardware equipment is what he needs to rearrange spontaneously and to directly react to the crowd. In the meantime, Zombie Nation live has become a brand and is among the most successful live acts in electronic music. 
Here is his latest mix following the recent release of his latest track "Forza", which is starting to kick in in clubs all over the globe. 

Evil Nine - its you
Dj Godfather - All the players represent
Lone - For Ed
Djedjiotronic - The invisible Landscape
Etienne de Crecy - No Brain (Paul Chambers remix)
Zombie Nation - Chickflick (Boris Dlugosch remix)
Harvard Bass - Blitz
TWR72 - Future Tool Dub
Japanese Popstars - Kid Roppongi
Misk - Frog March
Juan Atkins - Marz
DJ HeCan - MickyFicky
Tagteam Terror - Flashin pt. 2
Zero Cash - Wake-Up call
Zombie Nation - day of many
Ado - Plugged
Breakbot - Hades of Black
Punks jump up - Blockhead (Zombie Nation remix)
La Riots - The Drop (Duke Dumont remix)
Lars Moston & Ben Mono - Cant stop
Love Money Music - Body fr. Aaron Smith (Polymath remix)
Johanna Knutsson - Heavy Baby (James Creed remix)
Max Bett - Red Pigs
Royksopp - Forsaken Cowboy 

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