Sunday, 15 May 2011

Voltronixx Exclusive Mixtape for 'Barney Vs the Dinosaur'

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3 Youngsters from Antwerp, Belgium, are making some kick ass dancefloor music nowadays. It all started some years ago when they were fooling around with their Korg Electribe EMX. With a studio based in their attic, and a mentality "Let the crowd go wild!", Voltronixx are definitely worth to be heard out loud!

01. Goose - Synrise
02. Aerotronic - Massacre (Noise Invaders remix)
03. Blatta & Inesha - My lady don't mind (Modek remix)
04. Rotze - Fuck It
05. No Body - We Speak American
06. Felix Cartal - Joker
07. Bird Peterson - The Bad Atom (Run DMT Remix)
08. Electrophants - Sledgehammer
09. Fresh Foolish - Awake (Hide and Scream Remix)
10. Gtronic - Dance Machine
11. Blaster - Murder
12. F.O.O.L. - Invasion (Figure remix)
13. Belzebass - Rise of brutality

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