Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nadisko Mixtape for Soundscape

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From the age of 13, Alex Hopkins adored dance music. It was also at this young age that he began composing electronic music. This sparked a passion like no other in his love for musical creation throughout the years that were to follow. In mid 2009 Alex met Blake Wood, a music lover of the heavier styles of dance who shared the same passion for electronic music. From this rose the australian-based duo Nadisko. Their early original production skills and intense DJ sets quickly caught the attention of the underground scene. Keep an eye out for Nadisko as they may be setting your local dance floor alight soon! 

01. Fffrrrreeeq - Strass (Q.G. Remix)
02. Beens - Drop That
03. Kissy Sellout - Wild In The Warehouse (Ado's Concrete Mix)
04. DJ Antention - Spider (Nadisko Remix)
05. Peace Treaty - Cal State Anthem (LAZRtag Remix)
06. Nadisko - Extortio
07. Highbloo - Time To Change Part 2
08. Peking duK - Bingo Trippin' (Nadisko Remix)
09. Clouds - Liquid
10. Noize Generation - Chordney Love (Nadisko Remix)
11. Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Trumpdisco remix)
12. Mr Skeleton - The Loudest Bang
13. So Shifty/Angger Dimas/Alexx Kidd - Gotta Up Dat (Nadisko Mashup)

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