Sunday, 12 June 2011

Partysmartie Fuck Andrew Rotter Mixtape

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Partysmartie are a living proof that these days artists can produce together despite not being in the same room, let alone in the same country. The duo, one Austrian and the other North American, both started making music separately until they met in early 2010 on SoundCloud. Despite living that far from each other, they kept on making music together and that's why they gave birth and unleashed the beast that is now known as Partysmartie. The project was formed "to create a vision of terror but yet a motion of dance". They recently teamed up with A Girl & A Gun to produce their first original - PANZERFAUST EP - which will be out in a matter of days in Dreieck Records, and has remixes by, among others, HAEZER and KRFTKDS.
Get ready for an ear-wrecking mixtape!

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