Monday, 27 June 2011

Skitsnygg Killing Time Vol. IX 'CONJURE'

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Skitsnygg is Brian Patrick Migliore, a 21 year-old DJ and producer from the US who has been signed to the notorious Designer Drugs' label Sex Cult. Despite the young age, he has moved around the world quite a lot and now uses that experience to produce heavy, distorted dance floor smashers. Along that line is this delightfully filthy mix.

01. Innerpartysystem - It's Not Getting Any Better (Designer Drugs Remix) 
02. Stereohereoes - Wildchild 
03. Gor Flsh - Grindclub 
04. N.E.R.D. Feat. Nelly Furtado - Hot-n-fun (Nero Remix) 
05. Dead Cat Bounce - Movemements (Tom Deluxx Remix) 
06. F.O.O.L. - Fortune 
07. Lucky Date & Midnight Conspiracy - Veyron (Skitsnygg Remix) 
08. Your Dirty Habit - Goin' Down (PLS DNT STP Remix) 
09. Vaski - Lost My Mind 
10. Owl Vision - Fucking Ill (Belzebass Remix)

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