Monday, 6 June 2011

Trash Junk Rock n' Rave Mixtape

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Marc Mathis is the DJ/Producer behind Trash Junk, an electro/nu-rave/electrotrash project. In the past, he has played alongside artists like Jack Beats, Mr Flash, Dirty Disco Youth, Acid Kids, Drunken Masters, Pony Bomb, to name a few. Right now he is focused on remixing for the labels Macro Records, Filthy Beats and creating originals which can be found on his SoundCloud page. Besides that request, he is also a regular participant in remix competitions: the Trash Junk remixes of the tracks "Mistress Called Distress", "Floorkiller", "Not Gonna Stop" and "Through Glitches" are all remix competition winners!!
Now you can enjoy his latest mix!