Friday, 19 August 2011

Drop7: DJ Set of the Week Guest Mix #003 "Dancefloor Fidget"

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A musician since childhood, Drop7’s passion began in the form of the accordion, which he played for ten years, practicing diligently, striving to perfect the instrument he loved so much. During his mid-teens, however, he discovered the free techno and underground scene, which he immediately took a keen interest in. Soon after this introduction, he put his hands on the DAW software, which he adjusted to play alongside vinyls. In 2002, opportunities arose to perform live to audiences at private parties, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Although Drop7 has progressed at an exceptional rate since then, he continues to take a great deal of pleasure in simply bringing music to people, making them dance, and ultimately sharing his love and passion for the music he makes. In September 2010, the idea of making a career out of his passion for music became a reality. 
Now, Drop7 is being invited to play in more and more bars, festivals and clubs in France, and soon enough overseas expansion will certainly arise. 
Tracklist & a short interview below.


01. Can you tell us how did you come up with the name "Drop 7"?
A: Drop7 because of the way i'm mixing my tracks. I like dropping/cutting the 2 channels at the same time, to give the transition a bigger impact.

02. If you could describe your music in 3 words, what would they be?
A: Dynamic, dance floor and happy music! 

03. Tell us a bit about yourself... what do you when you're not DJing/producing?
A: When i'm not performing, I practice a lot at home, and spend a lot of time looking for new tracks to mix.

04. Could you tell the readers a bit about your musical roots? What made you decide to "enter" the electronic music world?
A: My parents influenced me a lot as they were both part of a traditional music association, and so I started to play accordeon at the age of 8. I then started playing percs (Djembe/Darbouka), and finally got my hands dirty on my first softwares: REbirth, and fruity loops, or music maker. At this time i was getting more and more involved with the Free party movement in France, where i played my first sets on vinyl decks.

05. Would you say any other artists have had a strong influence on your work?
A. Carl Cox and Jeff Mills are my big references, they are to me true performers.

06. What are you top three favorite club bangers at the moment?
A: Hard to make a choice.. I would say tracks by the Mightyfools, Umek or Blatta & Inesha ...

07. What's your favorite place to play? Any funny stories you want to share with us?
A: Batofar (Paris). I thought i wouldn't make it to the place on time, as the guy who drove me there was slightly drunk !!

08. And...what has been the most memorable show you have played, and why?
A: I really like Batofar for its originality and its conviviality. It's a very popular club in a boat near Bercy, Paris

09. 'Last night a DJ saved my life...', have you ever?
A: I was playing on this festival one night, and some guys came to me saying It was a relief I was there because what they heard until then was not so good.

10. Say you could name any DJ/Producer in the world to have a back to back session with. Who would he/she be?
A: With Mightyfools, I would be fullfilled!

01. Grind on me (Curtis B DTW Remaster) - Lucky Date
02. Rick James (Original Mix) - Kid Wobble
03. Is here (Original Mix) - Woobbes 
04. Yah yah (Original Mix) - Wonked Cru
05. Brusque (Etnik Remix) - 2 Charming Men
06. Lektro steppa (Mike Balance Remix) - Soul Puncherz & John E Qwest
07. Crazy Pills (Original Mix) - Kid Wobble
08. Don't give up disco (Original Mix) - Wonk
09. Wick (Original Mix) - Maxim Efremov
10. Plastik people (DJ Jinx Remix) - Soul Puncherz
11. Bad girlz (Keewix Remix) - Baby K
12. Lektro steppa (Rave version) - Soul Puncherz & John E Qwest
13. Banana boy (Original Mix) - Far Too Loud
14. Escapism (Dirty Moolah remix) - Slyde
15. Alcatrax volume 1 (Myles Dyson breakfest edit) - Bombermen
16. Booty shorts (Original Mix) - Frost Raven
17. Panik Attack (Original Mix) - Sunko
18. Cosinus (Original Mix) - Woobbes
19. Smoking (Danny Soundz, DJ Cafeine Remix) - Wonk, Filthy Rehab
20. Shake it (Wonk Remix) - Skinny
21. Break ya body (Original Mix) - Frederic Mooij
22. Cash Money (Underproject Remix) - Clarks (fr)
23. Don't give up disco (3d Criminalz Remix) - Wonk
24. Touching & Rubbing (Wonk vs What that funk Remix) - Jackbot ft Willie Dynamic 
25. Gimme somme (Young Nutz Remix) - Yellow Fever
26. Bring back acid (Original Mix) - Young Nutz


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