Sunday, 4 September 2011

So Called Friend 'Oh No! Elves!' Mixtape

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With a debut album just released into the wild and his TV show well into its first season, So Called Friend continues his steady rise since tearing onto the German club scene in 2009 with the chart topping "Fever". Repeating this effort in 2010 with "Hands" and recently dropping his official single for the follow up "Feet", the Australian born, Hamburg based artist is doing big things at home with Hamburg's premier electro label, Raving Loony Records. 

01. So Called Friend - Near Impossible ft. Marc Deal (DCUP Mix)
02. Looka - Shake that Ass
03. Tune Brothers - The Drones (Jolly Remix)
04. Dare2Disco - Revolver (So Called Friend Remix)
05. Slap in The Bass - Egypt
06. Crookers pres. Dr Gonzo - Dr Gonzo Anthem
07. So Called Friend - Feet (Fukkk Offf Remix)
08. Canblaster - Chicken Run
09. Spieltrieb - Baldessari (So Called Friend Remix)
10. The Mane Thing - Get Paid
11. Zombies for Money - Sururumba (Carimbe Version)
12. Lee Mortimer - CTRL
13. So Called Friend - Lips 
14. Bobmo - My House (Douster Remix)
15. So Called Friend - Near Impossible (Milt Mortez Remix)

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