Friday, 21 October 2011

Chewy Chocolate Cookies Chewy Cast 14.10.2011

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We have read that Chewy Chocolate Cookies' biography looks like a recipe to bake cookies. Although that doesn't tell you anything about this DJ/Producer outfit, his music speaks for itself. CCC's tracks have appeared on heavy hitters like Gotta Dance Dirty and TrashbagsKids, and their fortnightly podcasts demonstrate just how powerful his DJ sets are. And here's the latest episode of the Chewy Cast!  
01. Rino Cerrone - Man On Moon
02. Modek - Goose Offender
03. Controls - Forever Techno (Vengeance Remix)
04. Slan - Sacred Geography (Guy J Remix)
05. Gesaffelstein - Opr
06. X-Ettl - Sintetic
07. Maxime Dangles - Dihaiz
08. Betta Noize - Heh Oh
09. Milano Techno - Due
10. DWayne - PunkD
11. Pixel Fist - Seduction

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