Thursday, 27 October 2011

"Newcomers Thursday": Thrill Pills + Shikoba + KRGR

Formed in the early stages of 2011 Thrill Pills are a Portuguese duo whose sounds range from nu-disco to more intense stuff like electro/electro-techno. They have released a couple of original tracks 'Not Illegal' and 'Jungle Thrill' and have started to tour a bit all over Portugal. This mix showcases a wide range of genres including some tunes that at some point sound like "accelerated" moombahton.  
[Mix: Electro/Fidget/Electronica] 

German multi-genre and super-skilled behind the decks Shikoba is a regular DJ at various venues in Germany. He has put together a powerful mix, pumping from start to finish that reminded us of Modek's mixtapes - juuuuump & juuuuuump!! 
[Mix: Electro-tech/Techno]
Italian DJ and producer Marco Sava is KRGR. With a few years experience under his belt he has played in big events and has a side project called Electromonkeys who have shared decks with big names such as the notorious Italian duo Blatta & Inesha. This is his Halloween mix, 40 minutes of raw good music! 
[Mix: Electro/Electro-tech]
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