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Attaque DSOTW Exclusive Guest Mix #07 & Interview

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"This is the bomb"; "the best breakthrough producer"; and "Just awesome". These sentences have one thing in common: Attaque. These are the types of compliments he has been receiving from the big names in the game such as Brodinski, Tiga, Fake Blood, Zombie Nation and Alex Metric, to name ONLY a few. 
2011 saw the globalisation of AutoKratz' Bad Life Records, to which our 7th guest on DSOTW contributed a great deal to. Initially, he upped the level by shaking the very foundations of electronic music with his debut EP 'Light Falls', considered electro tune of the month in the illustrious MixMag. His second EP 'Moderate' has continued Attaque's rapid rise to darling of the scene, with massive coverage across the blogs and a stunning response on Soundcloud. He has also done huge remixes for Luke Walker and Japanese Popstar and have a couple more coming very soon (we cannot wait!!).
He's scheduled to perform his first live set at Bad Life Records 1st Anniversary party in London on the 17th of December, where he'll play alongside AutoKratz, Noob and Evil Nine (again, we cannot wait!!). 
Read more about Attaque and how AutoKratz saw him playing on the streets and signed him on the spot on the interview below. And delight yourselves with 45 minutes of Electro-Tech/Future Techno music! Thank you Attaque and Bad Life Records!

1. Bart B More & Rubix - Ari (Attaque remix)
2. Baskerville vs Henzel & Disco Nova - Gimme 5
3. Ado - Voids
4. Leghau - Toy 2
5. John Lord Fonda - Whats going on (TWR72 Remix)
6. Pilo - Chromozone
7. Style Of Eye and Magnus The Magnus - Antidote (NT89 Remix)
8. ZZT -Vulkan Alarm (Proxy remix)
9. The japanese Popstars - Take Forever (Attaque Remix)
10. AutoKratz - Heart attack man
11. The Rapture - How deep is your Love (A-trak Dub for Mehdi)

DSOTW: Tell our fans a bit about yourself, and some facts about Attaque. How did it all begin?
I'm 5.10, I weigh 11 stone and I have blue eyes and  brown hair. it began with going to raves, buying machines and being obsessive about the attaque on a kick drum

DSOTW: What do you do when you're not DJing/producing?
Arts and crafts

DSOTW: How was it like to be 'found' by Bad Life? How did it happen?
I was living in Brighton and I used to busk down the sea front with a battery powered drum machine and synth these 2 dudes walked past who stopped, looked at each other and grinned and signed me on the spot. they were autoKratz

DSOTW: You've had an amazing year of 2011 with 2 highly successful EPs. What's next?
Well Ive been busy with remixes for Luke Walker, Japanese Popstars, Autokratz and Bart B More and another big remix which I'm not allowed to mention.

I have now had to be strict and start saying no to remixes so I can finish off another E.P which is nearly done,  I'm also  currently working on putting together a live show together which I'm going to debut at a Bad Life party in December.

DSOTW: You've become worldwide famous for your producing skills... but what can we expect from you on a DJ set? 
Well I don't really do subtle, I like to keep the energy there even if its with a fairly minimal track, and I don't like to play to many similar tracks for too long, I think dropping something a bit unexpected can wake up the dance floor a bit

DSOTW: At the moment, what producers do you think we should be keeping our eyes on?
Baskerville & Henzel & Disco Nova have just came out with an amazing E.P both tracks are so full of energy so I'm keen to see what else they are up too.  the new Ado E.P on Blood Music  is also incredible. Ego Troopers and Maelstrom are also doing great things.

DSOTW: Your top 3 favorite club bangers at the moment?
Style_Of_Eye_and_Magnus_The_Magnus_Antidote (NT89 Remix)
John Lord Fonda - Whats going on (TWR72 REMIX)
Baskerville vs Henzel & Disco Nova - Gimme 5

DSOTW: Say you could name any DJ to have a back 2 back session with. Who would that be?
Brodinski, his sets are always amazing, that man can craft an infectious groove !

DSOTW: What about your dream collaboration?
I would love to get Kate Bush, Bat for Lashes or Planningtorock to do some vocals, as for in the studio, Mr Oizo would be pretty mad, would like to make some real techno with Dave Clarke too.

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