Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Sneekers DSOTW Exclusive Guest Mix #08

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THE SNEEKERS are a Lithuanian electronic music duo, based in Vilnius/London, consisting of Evaldas Mikalauskas and Karolis Labanauskas. Evaldas is working as radio show dj and is producing clips for radio and television commercials, while Karolis is writing music for tv commercials, radio ads, and producing music for additional artists and djs, as well as soundtracks for visuals. Together they started dj'ing & producing in 2009 as The Sneekers.
Besides producing and dj'ing they also perform live. Their first live performance was at the biggest festival in Lithuania: Be2gether.
They have released a few EPs, the more notorious being Aerobic EP (Television Rocks Records) and more recently the Modern Pleasure EP (GND Records), through which they have gained international attention and support from most of the tastemakers in the field such as Fake Blood, TWR72, Digitalism, Modek and Les Petits Pilous, to name a very selected few.
They have kindly made our latest exclusive mix, which features a handful of their original tracks along with some of the hottest tracks out there at the moment. Enjoy!!

The Sneekers' pages: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

01. DJ Nibc feat. Anthony Mills - The Doorman
02. The Sneekers - Eahh
03. Decalicious - Raboisen Belle (The Sneekers Remix)
04. ZZT - Partys Over Los Angeles
05. Zoo Brazil - The Kill (Noob Remix)
06. The Sneekers - M.P.3
07. Busy P - Procrastinator (Hey Today! Remix)
08. Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix)
09. The Sneekers - Splash
10. Worthy & Eats Everything - Tric Trac
11. The Sneekers - Closure
12. Skyve - Bass Mongol (The Sour DJs Remix)
13. The Dove - Girl At A Party With Siren (Preacherman Version)
14. Kissy Sell Out - Redrinkulous (ETC!ETC! Remix)
15. Tripmastaz - Roll Dat (Edit)
16. The Sneekers - Poly Poly
17. Bobble - Zacharias (Ado's Got Raging Machines Remix)
18. Errorsmith - No Ice (MFOC, Golden Pudel Klub, Hamburg Mix)

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