Friday, 4 November 2011

Tsnm 'No Excuses' #15

Tsnm provides electro edged music in the forms of mixtapes, DJ sets and on his own radio shows. He's had varied musical influences since young age until finally 'landing' on the electro - this is demonstrated by the usual sublime track selections displayed on his mixtapes and DJ sets, and certainly also on this latest epidose of the "No Excuses" mixtape series.

tsnm presents no excuses vol. 15 by tsnm

01. FetOo - Elenin (Original Mix) 
02. Rubber Spanner - Mayura In Hell (Ascii Demon Remix) 
03. Brummer - Fidsch (Original Mix) 
04. Nation - Reaper (Original Mix) 
05. The Oddword - Fire (aUtOdiDakt "god of hellfire" Remix) 
06. quer4mat - Knacka (Fukk Up! Remix) 
07. NEUS - Pussy Weed Money (Original Mix) 
08. Brummer - Full Collection (Boylerz Remix) 
09. Sebastien Benett - Imagination (Beef Theatre Remix) 
10. Kolt13 feat. WEB - Love At The Speed Of Light (aUtOdiDakt Remix) 
11. You Killing Me - Enthusiasm (Original Mix) 
12. Ill Saint M - Hybris (F.O.O.L. Remix) 
13. The 'S' - Yuk It Up (Beef Theatre Remix) 
14. Hack The System - End Game (Dave Scorp Remix) 
15. Dan Sena - Song Of Siren (Dirtyphonics Remix) 
16. Geometry! - Lou (Original Mix) 
17. Nation - Heroes (Original Mix)

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