Monday, 28 November 2011

Your Dirty Habit Fixtape #03 DSOTW Exclusive

The North American duo Your Dirty Habit has been busy with their "House and Bass" movement that has been turning the heads of fans, artist and promoters alike. They exhibit an acute versatility in their ability to defy the limits of genre from their original material to remixes for artists such as NIN, Rockwell, Owl City, Hussle Club and PLS DNT STP, to name a few. YDH has most recently signed to Sex Cult, a lifestyle brand ran by Designer Drugs in addition to Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire label. They are already supported by a vast plethora of influential names in the scene... find out why in their latest fixtape volume, an exclusive to our blog.
We also sent them over a few questions which they kindly answer so fans can get to know them a bit better. Interview and Fixtape #03 after the jump/read more - for the tracklist follow YDH's soundcloud link.

Your Dirty Habit Pages: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

DSOTW: Tell our fans a bit about yourself, and some facts about YDH. How did it all begin?
Your Dirty Habit is a duo, consisting of Dave Galloway and Eric Erwin, with roots in rock, industrial, and drum & bass music. I (Dave) moved to Charlotte NC after finishing college in Boston and establishing several club residencies in the city. Eric and I met at shows and started to hang out, and after a couple studio sessions, Your Dirty Habit was born. We quickly gained support by industry leaders and the rest, as they say, is history.

DSOTW: What do you do when you're not DJing/producing?
I know it's a bit of a cliche, but music really is my life. If not DJ'ing or producing, I'm usually working the business side of the industry (i.e. catching up on emails, promoting, etc.). But in those times I do take off from working on music, I'll most likely be laying on the beach or sexing my lady. 

DSOTW: Highlight of YDH's 2011 so far?
Being signed to Designer Drugs' SEX CULT.

DSOTW: For those who haven't seen you yet, what can we expect from you guys on a DJ set?
White knuckled partying at it's finest. No limits, No laws…a grey line where genres meet, and lots of BASS.

DSOTW: Do you ever plan your sets or are they spontaneous?
The only time we plan sets is when we perform LIVE but we never plan our DJ sets.

DSOTW: Out of all the tunes you have, which one 'never fails'?
It's really hard to pick just one. We are constantly getting new material, but as of the past year the track that never fails has been our original called "Going Down" which came out on Sex Cult Records in April.

DSOTW: What productions/remixes are you working on at the moment?
We have just finished a single for Tommie Sunshine's label, Brooklyn Fire. We have two new Dubstep tracks (Conception of Evil & Omnipotent), which are featured on the mix, and are currently being shopped to labels. In regard to current studio work we have forthcoming collaborations with Skitsyngg (NYC), Naeleck (Paris), Legion (ATL), HYX and Houston (DC) and Whiskey Pete (LA) in addition to a  remix of PLS DNT STP's "Future Ghetto" that will be out on Trillbass Records soon. We also are working to complete our debut album, which its planned to be released sometime next year.

DSOTW: Are there any producers at the moment you think we should be keeping our eyes on?
Besides us? Skitsnygg, Black Matter, and Unknown Users. 

DSOTW: What was the most memorable show you have played, and why?
After being on tour and not playing locally for sometime we were asked to play BASS CHURCH in Charlotte NC back in September of 2010. Bass Church is known as one of the Southeast's premier bass parties here in the states and is hosted by another local success, Mindelixir. We walked in to the party as if another local gig and it really took us by surprise when 1,000 new young fans came out to see us. We had kids asking for autographs and singing the words of our tunes. A lot can change in your own back yard when you're on the road.

DSOTW: Say you could name any DJ to have a back 2 back session with. Who would that be?
Always love to play with Designer Drugs because it gets ridiculous, there are few that can hang with our energy level and these guys can. But as far as someone I've never had the chance to play B2B with, I'd love to play with Polymorphic.  

DSOTW: Any chance we'll be seeing you in Europe any time soon?
We are planning to start touring new markets next year.

Thank you YDH, much love from DSOTW - we hope to see in Europe soon!
And now... it's FIXTAPE TIME - enjoy!!

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