Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fat & Ugly Eat This Vol #06

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Cutting his teeth back in the day with some new jack swing and hip hop, the Berlin based DJ and producer decided to put on the pounds and make people pull faces with his electro music project Fat and Ugly in 2008. Soon after he caught the attention of scene heavyweights Zombie Nation, Kissy Sellout and Paul Chambers; and the rest, as they say is history... and a successful one thus far! With plenty of remixes and a couple of EPs under his belt Fat and Ugly is steadily becoming one very influential taste maker in the EDM scene. Check out his latest mixtape (the 6th volume of the "Eat This" mixtape series) and you'll understand why!

01. Blink & Gianni Marino - Toilet Kotor (Original Mix) 
02. Bart B More & Rubix - Ari (Original Mix) 
03. Oliver Huntemann - Crackers Capers (Original Mix) 
04. Acid Jack - The Sword (Fat and Ugly Remix)
05. Dunjinz - Albion (Original Mix) 
06. Wazabi - Shogun (Original Mix) 
07. Peo De Pitte - Grey Tape (Original Mix) 
08. Tai vs Fat and Ugly - Ex (Original Mix) 
09. Sound Of Stereo - Opal (TWR72 Remix) 
10. Keith & Supabeatz - Grip (Original Mix) 
11. Clockwork - Squad Up (Original Mix) 
12. Super Super - Suave (Shameboy Remix) 
13. Sharam Jey - Obey (Polymath Remix) 
14. Wazabi - Ripper (Original Mix) 
15. Milano Techno - Uno (Original Mix) 
16. Clouds - Articles (Ego Troopers Remix)
17. Bobble - Zacharias (Bavarian Mix) 
18. Modek - Goose Offender (Original Mix)
19. Hybrid Theory - 12 Steps (Original Mix) 

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