Friday, 24 February 2012

DISTRAKT Soundscape Festival Promo Mix

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DISTRAKT aka Simon Worthington first broke into the music scene in Sydney at a young age. As a drummer in a band he soon found a passion for electronic music. After his debut DJ set in Sydney back in 2006 he made an aggressive impact within the Australian scene which saw him playing continuously in clubs for 2 years up until he got into the studio and started creating some gems of his own unique sound and style. To date he has released in labels such as Basserk, Coco Machette, Mahtrasher and Boxon. Here's his latest mix!

01. Castle Rising - Nathan Fake 
02. Pistol star - Distrakt 
03. Mother (Mr. Oizo Remix) – Para One 
04. Rise & Fall – Donovans 
05. Viol (Brodinski Remix) – Gesaffelstein 
06. Tarantula nebula – Distrakt 
07. Dust - Modek 
08. Deep Red – Fake blood 
09. Lemonade (Light Year & The Finger Prince Remix) - Erol Alkan & Boys Noize 
10. ROMPA STOMPA (Petsoop Remix)- Distrakt 
11. Grey Tape - Peo De Pitte 
12. Articles ( Ado Remix) – clouds 
13. Smackdown- Electrophants ft. Distrakt 
14. 22,000 light years – Distrakt 
15. Get down – Mightyfools 
16. Variations – Gesaffelstein 
17. Douche Beat – mr Oizo 
18. R136 Cluster – Distrakt 
19. Partys over los angeles – zzt

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