Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dunjinz DSOTW Exclusive Guest Mix #10

Joseph DUNJINZ Morris: Loyal Husband. Proud Father. Awesome DJ. Exquisite Producer. 

Couldn't think of someone more honorable and talented to be associated with the re-launch of DSOTW Guest Mix series! 
Dunjinz has been involved with electronic music for over 12 years, having started to produce music just before the new century - whether it was hip hop, trip hop, DnB, metal, electro trash or techno, he always felt a need to get involved with what he was listening to. However, it wasn't until last year that he got serious about producing his own music. Despite having released a bunch of fantastic remixes - some of which are present in this mix - that have garnered him supporters from across the globe, he remains extremely humble and is now focused on releasing some new originals showcasing what else he's learned since releasing the Albion/Anoware & Orc/Troll EPs. The first of those, "Woerm" will be coming out soon on his label Silver Wave with remixes from Casino Gold & Shameboy. There will also be some other exciting releases on his label from artists he's been enjoying lately, and after that he will release his own "Appl" EP.
As to the mix you can expect the finest selection of Electro-tech/Future Techno tunes, starting off with electronic techno bouncy & funky grooves leading on to a compelling peak of techno-driven-electro-edge tracks that will easily make you wish you were partying in an underground rave at 5am!

01. J-808 - Altern8 (Borussia Remix)
02. Jean Nipon - Girl Complex
03. Treasure Fingers & Malente - Crusaders
04. Erotic City - Dreamweaver
05. A.G. Trio - Countably Infinite (Dunjinz Remix)
06. Casino Gold - 10,000
07. Slap In The Bass vs. Keith & Supabeatz - Smoka (Douster Remix)
08. Doctr - Zombies
09. Polymath - Sawpump (I Need? Remix)
10. Wazabi - Ripper (Dunjinz Remix)
11. ???V? - ??????????
12. Matthias Zimmermann - Luther (Dunjinz Bootleg Remix)
13. Scntst - Highfield (Dunjinz Remix)
14. Gesaffelstein - Viol (Brodinski Remix)
15. Autokratz - Splinters
16. Modek - Dust
17. Shameboy - Quazar
18. Maelstrom - Pool Chicks
19. NT89 - Voices
20. Destrox - Red 5
21. Savage Skulls - Lorimer
22. STSB & Saalmen - Superman
23. Acid Jack - The Sword (Fat & Ugly Remix)
24. Zero Gravity - Lines
25. Valy Mo - A Love Anthem (Dunjinz Remix)
26. Surreal Sound - Frequency
27. Headz Up - Onoria
28. French Fries - Yo Vogue
29. Bingo Players - Rattle (Spenda C Remix)

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