Thursday, 26 April 2012

Aerotronic - Disco Demons Guest Mix IV & Boxon Mix

Jordi and Laurens, also known as Aerotronic, met each other at the age of seven and soon discovered they shared the same taste in music. A few years later they decided to start experimenting with DJing and their own productions, leading them to develop a passion that has been growing ever since. They managed to be part of Proxy's Mako Records, with a release in 2011 that garnered a great deal of support from industry tastemakers such as Mr Oizo, Zombie Nation and Mixhell. They are also signed on Boxon Records and Techno Change My Life.
The new year marks a new episode for the duo, leaving the trashy electro for good as they embark on a techno mission. They've been ever since creating an innovative original new sound, without losing the energy they are well-known for - their latest EP "Sputnik" , in collaboration with Gmorozov, is the perfect example of how their music has evolved to a higher level. Without further ado, here's their latest two mixes, one for Boxon Records and the other exclusively for one of the best electronic music blogs out there - Disco Demons.

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