Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Etnik - GDD Exclusive Mix

Etnik, born in 1992, is known as the Wunderkind of the new German techno scene and it only took him a few gigs in Hamburg's Baalsaal to land him a record deal. But the most fascinating and refreshing thing about Etnik isn't his young age, it's his uncompromising and incredibly individual style. Instead of pilling his music with layers and layers of synths and noises, he does away with surplus sounds and concentrates on the core. Good examples are "Nixon" and "Vino", as well as his remix of I Heard Sharks "Summer" that caught Skrillex's attention who posted about leading a legion of fans to the track resulting in some astonishing 140,000 plays on SoundCloud!!! With a collection of concentrated beats and home-made sawtooth synths, Etnik's tracks surprise by maintaining a distinct and charming analogue fragility and, most importantly, soul. Needless to say this quality brought him acclaim from the likes of Zombie Nation and TWR72 to name a few, and a collab with SCNTST from BNR.
So here's his exclusive mix for one of the most successful electronic music sites on the blogosphere: Gotta Dance Dirty

01. Maetrik - The Entity
02. Bumblebeez - Rodeo (Franz & Shape Remix)
03. Steve Parker - Bodytrade
04. Billy On Air - 1984 (Alex Bau Repaint)
05. Gesaffelstein - Aufstand (Unsubscribe Remix)
06. Digitalism - Blade
07. Sound Of Stereo - Opal (TWR72 Remix)
08. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Club Sandwiches (Marc Romboy's Systematic Soul Remix)
09. Mendoza - ID
10. Etnik - Nixon
11. Etnik Vino

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