Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hantise - The Despotic Mix - An Exclusive mix for Metalectro

Formed in the end of 2010, the French duo was born following the fusion between a techno DJ and a metal musician into a single project: Hantise. With characteristic heavy electro sounds they are quickly spotted on the blogosphere with appraisal reports for their powerful tracks and remixes, as well as their apparently mad live performances, where they unleash an Electrotrash ready to burn your ears. Their EP "Despotic/Freak Show" is now out on Shax Trax with remixes from F.O.O.L., Spunker and two others. Here's their latest mixtape for Metalectro - enjoy the heavier side of electro!
Hantise - The Despotic Mix - An Exclusive mix for by Hantise

01 Hantise - Despotic Freak Show (Spunker remix) 
02 GSUS! - Crucifix (Blaster Remix) 
03 Ravolution - Maximum Carnage (Fukk Up! remix) 
04 Morbid Angel - Too extreme (John Lord Fonda remix) 
05 Hantise - Despotic Freak Show (Original mix) 
06 Fukkk offf - Brain rock (Cyberpunkers remix) 
07 Nero - Doomsday 
08 Chimaira - Year of the snake (Dubba Jonny mix) 
09 Bassnectar - Upside down (Bassnectar & Terravita remix) 
10 Chewy Chocolate Cookies - Noise 
11 Huoratron - Transcendence 
12 Nero - Must be the feeling (South Central remix) 
13 Hantise - Despotic Freak Show (F.O.O.L. remix) 
14 Belzebass feat. Hypomaniacs - Revolution 
15 Vegamoore feat. Justin Pearson - They keep on fucking 
16 Diffuz - Nasty Fuck 
17 DJ Antention - Excellent Plan 
18 Gör Flsh feat. Hypomaniacs - Masochist

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