Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Polymorphic - Hocus F***ing Pocus Mixtape

Polymorphic is one of the key artists on Proxy's Mako label. The Russian has quite an impressive portfolio: besides releasing on Mako, he's had originals released on labels such as Coco Machete and Sweet Rains, and a few days ago on Lektroluv Records, where he had previously done two remixes already. All eyes were on him and he delivered beyond any expectations: two bangers that will hit you like absolute bombs "Chicks Love The Car" and "Hocus Pocus"; they also count with remixes from fellow Russian DJ Antention, Gtronic and one of the new 'future techno' heroes from Bad Life, Attaque. We shouldn't really be surprised about just how good this 2 new tracks are judging by his early originals and remixes on labels as small as Turbo and Gash Digital. 

01 Mickey Moonlight - Close To Everything (The Martin Brothers Remix) 
02 Sneaky Sound System - Really Want To See You Again (Proxy Remix) 
03 Chappell & Alex Venturra - So Free (DJ Flexx Remix) 
04 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Justin Martin instrumental) 
05 Obi Blanche - 72 Hours (NT89 Remix) 
06 Polymorphic - Hocus Pocus 
07 ZZT - Partys Over Los Angeles 
08 Ostblockschlampen - Bitches from Ostblock 
09 Polymorphic - Chicks Love The Car 
10 ZZT - Zig Zig Zag 
11 The Mastertrons - My New Little Bitch 
12 Kill The Noise - Kill The Noise (Alvin Risk Remix) 
13 Proxy - Raven (You Killing Me Remix) 
14 Noise Invaders 
15 Eternal September VS Pelussje - Coresplash (Krftkds Remix) 
16 Cyberpunkers - Fuck The System 
17 Polymorphic - Robodance (Torqux Remix) 
18 Jayline - Go (Dub Peddla Remix)

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