Sunday, 13 May 2012

LeBreton - Mix for Arveene on SPIN103.8

LeBreton is an extremely talented British producer and DJ with quite a unique approach to electronic music. This set of skills has been recognized by none other than Fake Blood who made him one of the latest additions to his own label Blood Music. He'll be working closely with guys like Ado, Bowski, Clouds and Ego Troopers, leaving us highly anticipating - and hoping for - some seriously powerful collabs in a near future. For now, here's his mix for Arveene on the Irish Spin Radio station.

01. Flutes - Hot Chip 
02. Tremor - Dark Sky 
03. The Effect - Roy Apron 
04. Tribes - LeBreton 
05. Vega (LeBreton Remix) - Jagerverb 
06. Like Butter - dangerDAN 
07. French Curves - LeBreton 
08. Painting My Fur - Sable Sheep 
09. String Thing - Shadow Child 
10. Ghettos & Gardens - Justin Martin 
11. Skankin (The 2 Bears Instrumental) - Wiley 
12. Chinga (Shadow Child Remix) - Kid Kombat 
13. Space Booty - Dexter 
14. Rustic Chip - Shadow Child 
15. Saw Pump (I Need? Remix) - Polymath 
16. Pool Chicks - Maelstrom

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