Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Attaque - Mixtape for Lektroluv Recs

Attaque is undoubtedly one of the best breakthrough artists that the Electro/Techno scene has seen in recent years. His releases on Future Techno's label of the moment Bad Life (who, by the way, discovered him playing on the streets) including 2 EPs and an LP quickly put him on the spotlight and saw his work finding its way to the playlists of artists such as Brodinski, Tiga, Fake Blood, Zombie Nation and Alex Metric, to name a very limited few. With some other quality remixes along the way the time for his new EP has arrived, which will be released on Dr Green's label, Lektroluv Records, on the 18th of this month. Check out this promo mix where you'll get a chance to get a taste of some of his new originals that, as usual, are mind-freaking blowing!

01. Drop The Lime - Bandit Blues (Surkin Remix) 
02. Modek - Flip Flop (Mendoza Remix) 
03. Crookers - That Laughing Track (TWR72 Remix) 
04. Attaque - Motion 
05. John Roman - TGS 
06. Floorplan - Baby Baby 
07. Zodiac Cartel - On My Mind (Vakkum Remix) 
08. Congorock - Ivory (Mumbai Science remix) 
09. Crookers - That Laughing Track (Milano Remix) 
10. Hoshina Aniverary - Chicago (Turbo Turbo Remix) 
11. Attaque - Flow

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