Thursday, 12 July 2012

Botnek - Mix for Block.FM

Botnek are a DJ/producer duo from Montreal, Canada. Their unique style imprinted in every production and dynamic dj sets take influence from dutch house, jump-up techno and afrobeat music. Already supported by a wide array of industry heavyweights who I'm not going to mention to save some characters, it all started going the right way for them when they won a remix competition for Dim Mak Recs, for Felix Cartal's single "Skeleton". Since then they've released an EP on Discobelle and a couple of singles on Southern Fried - pretty impressive! With more originals to come supposedly very soon, the duo have also toured around Canada and Europe with prospectives of coming back (to Europe) in the near future - we sincerely hope they do sooner rather than later. Anyway, here's their latest mix... get ready to juuuuuuuump!!

01. Disco of Doom - "Brown Acid" 
02. Mike Mago - "The Power" 
03. Waifs & Strays - "Body Shiver (Hot Natured Remix)" 
04 .Alex Metric - "Rave Weapon" 
05. Crookers - "Massive" 
06. Savage Skulls - "Lorimer (Botnek Remix)" 
07. NAPT ft Fireflowerz - "Italian Spiderman" 
08. Mason - "Chihuahua" 
09. WAFA - "Abandon Me (Crookers Remix)" 
10. Keith & Supabeatz - "Grip" 
11. Jack Beats ft Donae'o - "You Should Know (Botnek Remix)" 
12. NAPT and Peo De Pitte - "Gonna Be Mine (Far Too Loud Remix)" 
13. Tocadisco - "Bat3ria (Botnek Remix)" 
14. Clockwork - "Nox (Botnek Remix)" 
15. 2Edit - "Tropicalia (Torro Torro Remix)" 
16. Speaker Junk - "Outside" 
17. Botnek - ????? 
18. Felix Cartal - "Black to White (Clockwork Remix)" 
19. Carli - "Big Journey" 
20. Pryda - "Allein"

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