Thursday, 19 July 2012

Etienne de Crécy- 10 Days Off 2012 (Day 06)

Belgium, 18 years ago: 10 Days Off started as 10 Days of Techno. Today, almost every electronic music genre can be seen and heard at the festival. 10 Days Off has become throughout the years a landmark in the international electronic music scene with its own character and style, built on its pioneering decisive choice for programming electronic music - and, yes, you've guessed it lasts for 10 days! You can only imagine the dream line up that this festival has to offer. One of the names on the roster this year was none other than true legend Etienne de Crecy, a man who has been producing and playing the finest electronic music for almost 20 years now, since 1993. And his set was unbelievably good - I'm crossing my fingers to have the opportunity of seeing Etienne play in a very near future!!

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