Wednesday, 15 August 2012

GUNROSE - Rave Party

Nuno Rosa, commonly known as GunRose, has proven to be one of the most talented producers and DJs in the Portuguese electronic music scene. Being involved in music since his early days drove him to initiate the GunRose project back in 2008 which soon saw some credits paid off when he was extended an invitation to host a night at one of best clubs in the world, Lux, in Lisbon. This opportunity gave him the chance to invite some of his lifetime heroes such as Les Petit Pilous, Brodinski, A-Trak, to name a very limited few. The same year he started putting to use the analog gear he bought ultimately blossoming in the production of his first EP 'Gregory Bag' that soon caught the attention of some of the biggest label owners across the globe. One of those names was none other than Boys Noize, whose taste for GunRose's music culminated on him releasing the truly awesome 'Tears of Pleasure' EP in June this year on Rhida's sublabel, BNR trax, which received massive support across the board including from legends Mr Oizo, Dave Clarke and Erol Alkan.
Well, I sincerely hope you've pressed play by now because this has been one of the longest artist's introduction I've written in a while - Enjoy the mix! 

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