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DSOTW Exclusive Guest Mix #13 by Hoshina Anniversary (with Interview)

Hoshina Anniversary is without a doubt one the biggest breakthrough producers of 2012. This year he brought us true gems such as the Tuxedo EP, Chicago and the Vision EP that were quick to garner not only attention but also outdoor play by guys such as A-Trak, Soulwax, Etienne de Crecy and Fake Blood. 

But who is he? When we interviewed the Tokyo born and based producer he simply put it this way: knit cap, sunglasses, t-shirt, Dior jeans, and that's that. With the interview flowing he jokingly gave away the perfect formula to become big in the Japanese electronic music scene: "at first buy scissors and then a sewing machine", to which he added "I don't have them, so I'm not a DJ???". You'll be happy to know, however, he remains truly humble despite so much appraisal from his peers and is already planning the next - surely equally as big - releases.

In the following guest mix he takes us through a journey deep down into minimalist electronica while evolving into the darker sides of modern techno. He also 'opened' up to us about hot topics (interview below) such as the production of a track that became the opening theme of a popular anime series, his views on the current status of the Japanese electronic music scene, and what drew him in to this side of music.

Hey Hoshina, imagine we're having a face to face interview and we're getting a drink to help things get flowing nice and smoothly. What are you having?
Hoshina Anniversary: Coffee plz. [READ MORE below to keep going]

DSOTW: So let's start off by breaking the ice. Very shortly, if you could go back and live in another era which would you pick, and why?
HA: 1983 in USA, because I'm a really addict for "Solid Gold" Theme Song (only 1983 version), especially saxophone... mellow. Check the video.

DSOTW: I think all the way on the Western time zone of the globe we undisputedly know a lot about your music, but not so much about yourself. Who is Hoshina Anniversary?
HA: I was born in Tokyo, but my town is not a big city... so like Donald Fagen, I live in this town. Knit cap, Sunglasses, T-Shirt, dior jeans.

DSOTW: What was the breaking point in your career as an electronic musician, how did you arrive at where you are now? I'm talking that one moment when you fell in love with electronic music and you knew there was no going back, you needed to get involved. Do you recall any such particular moment?
HA: In 2007, I heard Justice's dj set at "I Love Techno 2006", and I started making tracks, DJ. Even now this 10 minutes video inspires me very much. 
I think release of "Tuxedo EP" on GND Records, and "Chicago" being supported by the big DJs like A-Trak, Mumbai Science, Light Year, etc - that's the breaking point in 2012. 

DSOTW: I must say, there are few producers that have impressed me in recent times as much as you have - I feel like you have clear signature sound but at the same you're always able to positively impress with new releases. In 2012 you brought us stuff like the Tuxedo EP, Chicago, Vision EP and stunning remixes... besides talent, where are you drawing your inspiration from? 
HA: Thanks.
Everyday somebody send me promos, so I listened and be inspired. Even it's not good, I think "oops, more bass please." or "this cowbell sound is not for me."... so I learned something from these tracks. So I say thanks to all DJs/Producers sending me promos. And great producers like John Roman, BS1, joeFarr etc...
I'm always inspired by their new track or remix. At the same time, I often listen to Chicago house (mainly Dance Mania Records), and around 1985 pop music like "Jesse Johnson  - Be Your Man" (, "Alexander O'Neal - Innocent" (, "Cherrelle - I didn't mean to Turn You On" ( Yes, of course I love Prince, "1999" is always my favorite album, and my track "Chicago" is very inspired by these tracks.

DSOTW: You seem to have a very intimate link with GND Records (and I take my hat out to S-File for 'finding' you). How did this relationship began?
HA: GND Records started sending me promos more than 1 year ago. And When I checked "I Need? - Supa Dope", I thought it's very cool. So I mailed GND, "I wanna remix this track or I wanna send my demo tracks." and GND replied "send me your demo plz.", so I sent "Chicago", "Tuxedo", "Go Go". then, release "Tuxedo EP", you know.

DSOTW: Do you have any side projects you're working on at the moment? I've read something about an original soundtrack for the anime series “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”...
HA: No, only Hoshina Anniversary.
Ha Ha, "Panty & Stocking with Gaterbelt" is Japanese animation, and I made some tracks for this. Opening Song "Theme for Panty & Stocking", I composed and produced, and the vocal is mine!!! I played in a band 5 years ago, playing the bass or guitar, singing... So someday I'll make a track where I'll sing... but it's no time to sing... because I'm always making demos and remixes.

DSOTW: I've heard about the legendary parties at Womb; Shinichi Osawa is one of my favorite producers and on my early days into electronic music roughly 10 years ago I was madly into Satoshi Tommie who remains to this day one of my heroes. Apart from this, I must confess, I'm kinda disconnected with the Japanese electronic music scene. What's the panorama like these days?
HA: I may be also disconnected with it... hahaha. Now there is few producers making tracks linking to BNR, Ed Banger, Turbo Recordings etc... DJs who were called "Tokyo Electro" are now no link to BNR etc, turned to play the Bass Music, and they are not good producers or not making tracks (only DJ), so it's not interesting.
In Japanese club, there are many DJs who are Barber or salesperson in the fashion store, of course not making tracks, not playing fantastic DJ-set, we call them "Fashion DJ". Ah, if you wanna be DJ in Japan, at first buy scissors and a sewing machine. I don't have them, so I'm not DJ??? hahaha, I said too much... a black joke like Donald Fagen.
Anyway, sometimes I feel like "Hoshina Anniversary's track Chicago was dropped by A-Trak" means "Hoshina ate Chicago Pizza watching A-Team on his anniversary" in Japanese electronic music scene,,, ha ha ha.

DSOTW: These days there is a lot of debate about the current status of the electronic music scene; from the use of EDM to describe what one would commonly describe as typical (neo)pop music, pre-recorded sets, DJs that spend more times putting their hands in the air than actually mixing; and, arguably, the injection of fresh air that this actually represents to the true underground culture. What do you find the most exciting thing about modern dance music culture nowadays? And the most depressing?
HA: The dance music culture around producers like Erol Alkan, Tiga, Boys Noize, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein,  it is always exciting. I can find new producers, new tracks, cool mixtape. I've checked this scene for 5 or 6 years, never get tired, because this culture mixed all kinds of music, but very stylish.
The most depressing is Tokyo club music culture. But I must say, I love Pizza, ha ha ha. When S-File and Turbo Turbo came to Tokyo 2 months ago, we ate Pizza.

DSOTW: Cliché question, but this is perhaps my favorite one: if you could name any DJ to have a b2b session with, who would that be?
HA: Erol Alkan. Erol is my Hero.

DSOTW: Finally, can you tell your fans what's the future holding out for you in terms of releases, collabs and DJ tours? We'd love to see you in Europe preferably sooner rather than later.
HA: I'll release new EP on GND in this year, including "Don't Stop". Yes, you can find this track in my mixtape. Now I collabing with someone you probably know his name, will show this track to you next year. I also finished 2 or 3 remixes, so these will be on Beatport, etc, next year. I hope to start touring in Europe, America, Australia, and so on next year. In Europe I have many friends (including lots of cool producers), so I'm more familiar in Europe than Tokyo.

Thanks for your time, man. It's been a pleasure! And keep making awesome music, we appreciate it! 
Much love from DSOTW.

01.Willy Joy & Smalltown DJs - Wicked (Ardalan Dub) (No Brainer Records)
02.Hoshina Anniversary - Don't Stop (GND Records)
03.NTEIBINT - Time (Jensen interceptor Remix) (Kitsune)
04.William Kouam Djoko - We Are Your Brothers & Sisters (Rush Hour)
05.Malente & Zero Cash - Jail Babe (No Brainer Records)
06.Julian Jeweil - Hey You (Plus 8)
07.Vakkuum - Sonar (LA BOMBE)
08.Boys Noize - XTC (Ryncologist Remix) (Boysnoize Records)
09.Modek - Jimmy (Lektroluv)
10.Kyoko Koizumi - Androla in Labyrinth (Hoshina Anniversary Remix) (Victor)
11.S-File - Comfortably Numb (GND Records)
12.KW Griff - Bring in the Katz (L-Vis 1990 Dub) (Night Slugs)
13.Switch, Erol Alkan - A Sydney Jook (Phantasy Sound)
14.joeFarr - You Got Some Front (Turbo Recordings)
15.Hoshina Anniversary - 92 (GND Records)

Hoshina Anniversary's Pages: via GND Recs // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud

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