Friday, 5 October 2012

Falcon Punch - "On the Rocks" Mix for Magnetic Magazine

Avery Henderson aka Falcon Punch is a well travelled man. Originally from Minneapolis, he moved to LA to go to college where he bounced a lot musically, mostly notably played the guitar and participated in a few live shows. Then study abroad came along and Amsterdam was the destination; at this point he started to get involved with the some of the softer sides of electronic music such as Disco and Funk and started to learn the art of DJing. From there it was a small step until his edits and first originals started getting the blogosphere's attention and appraisal. His first EP is being baked at the moment, and according to Avery will blend more of a deep house vibe with classic disco and soul samples - I'm truly looking forward to see the end result. In the meantime check out his SoundCloud for some truly classy nu-disco vibes and enjoy this Cocktail Hour inspired mix with 'sensual toe-tappers just edging you on to the dancefloor... but no too much, this is a cocktail party'. 

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