Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Hacker Special: 3 for 1

The Hacker took on this name in homage to a track by the Master of Detroit; this was after being in a New Wave rock band and discovering the first wave of successful house music, point at which he left the group convinced that this music would change everything. He started to mess around with a few tracks on some rudimentary equipment, up until he received a wake call by listening to LFO and general Belgian techno. From this point onwards he started to produce techno tracks purely for his own pleasure, finally proving himself as a serious artist when he mixed music for the energetic Jeff Mills.

With early productions with his old friend Miss Kittin, he went on to produce several tracks on DJ Hell's label "International Deejays Gigolos", including the big hits 'Frank Sinatra' and '1982'. The following years saw him setting up the Goodlife label with Oxia, and releasing 3 albums (2000, 2001 with Miss Kitting and 2004). He has since continued to produce music regularly and to perform both live and DJ sets, and currently runs Zone Music Records with his countrymen Gesaffelstein.

In terms of style, The Hacker's music has three faces. It draws on Kraftwerk's electro heiress with robotic features, similar to American's Ectomorph and Dopplereffekt, as well as German master Anthony Rother. With a pale and dark silhouette, it also falls into a nostalgic pop and new wave where New Order and The Cure link their shadows. To finalize things, it leads on to an (un)healthy deconstructed techno in a Christian Vogel's or Neil Landstrumm's fashion. 

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