Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Àrcade Discoforgia - 'Midnight In Turin' Promo Mix

A few months ago Arcade Discoforgia where featured at DSOTW for the first time. The electronic music duo originating from Turin (Italy) started DJing individually in the mid 90's and joined forces just under 4 years ago combining their music influences and technical skills in live performances. Over the past 6 odd months they have been busy with originals such as 'Graveyard Express' (Remute) and 'La Haine' (Free DL) and remixes for the likes of Doctr, Tame Impala and The Clown. 
This half hour mix flows nice and smoothly into one's ears as it develops through tracks by the likes of Plump DJs, Proxy, Maelstrom, Jacques Lu Cont, The Loops of Fury and Vitalic progressing in time with more and more uplifting 'ravey' elements that strongly influence and characterize Discoforgia's signature sound. 

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