Friday, 7 December 2012

Keith & Supabeatz MUCK Mix November 2012

Here's the latest mix from Italian duo Keith & Supabeatz who've been dropping some interesting remixes over the last months for the likes of Naive New Beaters and Wednesday The Rat. They also produced a pretty cool house track earlier this year on Southern Fried Records somewhat slightly different from the stuff we've seen them releasing in the past, but which comes to showcase their talent and production skills evolving and spanning to different electronic music genres. Other remarkable productions this year include their collab with Lazy Ants for Bad Life Records and a collab with Tony Senghore released on Southern Fried.

It's hard to describe exactly what this mix is all about, it's definitely energy-packed with the bass-driven tracks contributing to an overall Ghetto Rave feeling, somewhat similar to what you'd normally listen in a DJ set from Crookers (at least before they split). Enjoy!

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