Thursday, 6 December 2012

Proxy - Exclusive Mix (2012.11.29)

From the ashes of the Soviet empire, from the flames of history, rose Proxy. The Russian, whose turning point in life came from listening to The Prodigy in the late 90's, has been paving his way up to the top of the electronic music scene by consistently delivering distinctive Proxy-esque productions and remixes. 

Fresh off the release of the first part of the Music from the Eastblock Jungles album (on Turbo) featuring (once again) brilliant tracks such as Shut Up!, Raw and Red Juke, he made this mix a few days ago to that perfectly showcases exactly what you can expect from him, either on a DJ set or a live-act: a unique blend of electro driven by the industrial sides of techno. 

While we wait for part 2 of the album series mentioned above, due to be released internationally on February 11th via Turbo and in North America via Dim Mak, sit back and enjoy the mix! 

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