Thursday, 22 August 2013

Boiler Room Mixes Special: Surkin & Modeselektor

"Boundary breaking" is an expression that in today's saturated electronic music scene every artist wants to claim but only a limited few actually own. I decided to merge these two acts, Modeselektor and Surkin into one post due to their uncanny ability to dissolve musical concepts and create truly unique and innovative sounds, qualities that few have ever dreamed of achieving.
Their story is quite impressive and we've compiled a few fun facts that you can find after the mixes in case your curiosity buttons have been ticked. Here are a couple of their mixes for Boiler Room which are quite different but both absolute must listens - enjoy!! 

 A few facts from Modeselektor: the duo met in 1995 and emerged out of the tangle of the post-wall Berlin; their first name was Fundamental Knowledge, and the final Modeselektor moniker actually comes from a function on the Roland RE-201 space echo analog delay effects unit; in 2001 they signed to Ellen Allien's BPitch Control, with the first album Hello Mom! being release in 2005; Moderat is their act-duet with Apparat, an act you should go see without even blinking; they usually describe themselves as more of a live act, not studio musicians.

A few facts from Surkin: he runs one of the most respected labels in the industry - Marble - alongside Para One and Bobmo; his 2011 album "USA" deserved this official comment from MixMag "one of the most exciting concept albums of the 21st century"; he has made music for fashion brand Kenzo and has produced for M.I.A.

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