Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Turbo Turbo - Saturate EP Promo Mixtape

The eclectic German brothers Turbo Turbo are back with yet another brilliant EP on GND Records - if memory doesn't fail me that adds on top of 3 previous EPs and a handful of double-asides including collabs with label owner S-File, as well as a range of stunningly idealized remixes for the likes of our previous guests at DSOTW Hoshina Anniversary and The Sneekers, and Shadow Dancer & Sirkuz Sirkuz. With the amount of releases accumulating and the quality staying at an incredible high standard it's no surprise that these guys are being supported by a lot of industry heavy weights such as Groove Armada, Crookers, Zombie Nation and BeatauCue. 

To celebrate this release they've put together this brilliant mixtape which went straight into our favorite's list! Would you settle for a techno-infused-electro-stirred mix topped with an analog-acidity that will flip your brains inside out? Don't wait any longer, the play bottom is just there!

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