That's what DJ Set of the Week is all about!

" A great DJ can coax you into places you didn't know you wanted to go until you get there "
- Bill Brewster writing for The Guardian newspaper

With electro - and dance music in general - growing in popularity meanwhile evolving, mutating and interlinking with electronic music genres, DJ Set of the Week is a platform where electro/future techno dj sets and mixes are shared on a daily basis. Having said that, it is above all about driving and captivating dj mixes where 4x4s dominate and you can't stop yourself from listening until it's over, being it electronica, dark electro, industrial techno or whatever other subgenres your inventive soul might feel like calling them. You'll probably also find some nu-disco, chillwave and deep-tech material on the roster, especially on Sundays functioning as the perfect hangover cure or else simply soundtracking a comfortable lazy day. 

We focus on quality rather than quantity: the aim of the blog is to make you feel any mix we publish is an excellent worth-listening to mix, being it from recognized industry tastemakers or up-and-coming producers whose qualities as DJs deserve to be shared with the world.

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If you have some electro-techno/future techno related material you'd like us to have a listen, give some feedback and potentially feature at DSOTW, send you material to djsetoftheweek@gmail.com, along with your personal artist pages. Note that we give priority to artists who are already producing, as it's the only way to differentiate between those who are serious about DJing and a career in electronic music and bedrooms DJs.
DSOTW currently reaches daily more than 50 countries virtually across all the different continents, so if you want to advertise an electronic music party by means of flyers or any other creative way do get in touch with us.
Additionally if you want to organize a DSOTW guest list for an event (as long as it is aligned with DSOTW's ethos) in London send your ideas to the contact provided above.
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